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NAPA Emergency Roadside Assistance

Peace of mind when you’re on the road
The NAPA Roadside Assistance program is available across Canada and the United States to provide you with 6 months of comprehensive coverage.
NAPA Emergency Roadside Assistance

Fast & Reliable Vehicle Repairs & Upgrades in Edmonton

NAPA AutoPro service, inspections & repairs in Edmonton serving all makes & models plus fleet vehicles.

Tire Repair Service

If you need your tires inspected, or a flat tire repair, look no further than our Comprehensive Tire Repair Service at Computerized AutoPro in Edmonton.

Car Battery Repair & Service

Most vehicle batteries last four to five years, but you should have it examined at every oil change — whenever your hood is opened. At that time, your Computerized AutoPro technician will inspect your battery’s terminals for corrosion and cleanliness.

Air Conditioning Repair

Getting early solutions for air conditioner problems can protect you from unwanted pricy repairs & saving a huge amount of time, also it also reduces the possibility of bigger problems that may occur in near future.

Transmission Repair service

Over time, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from heat, friction and contamination. Slowly, these parts accumulate gums and varnish deposits as the fluid breaks down and oxidizes. That could mean the end of your transmission.

Brake Repair Service

Brakes should function with the minimum sound. Sometimes your car generates excessive annoying sounds like squealing, squeaking or grinding. If you can hear them while sitting in the cabin of your car, it certainly indicates that your brakes need to be repaired.

Wheel Alignment Service

Computerized AutoPro has been voted one of the Best Wheel Alignment Places in Edmonton according to locals! With our computerized, laser-guided alignment equipment we can reset your wheel alignment for all makes and models.

Making Your Auto Feel Like Brand New

From the headlights to the tailpipe of your car, You can count on Edmonton Auto Repair Mechanics takes care of all of your automotive needs. We are one of the most trusted automotive service shops in Edmonton, AB, but we want to do more than just Auto Repair. The Residents of Edmonton rely on our services because of our proactive approach to auto services.

Computerized Autopro is always concerned about your safety. We are committed to keeping your car on the road and cash in your pocket. As part of our unique approach to customer service, we’re going to look after all of your needs from the moment you contact us.

Why choose Computerized AutoPro?
Napa AUTOPRO’s 10 Year/400,000 km limited warranty will keep you driving worry-free for years to come

A no-charge 10 year/400,000 km limited warranty covering the repair or replacement of critical engine components, including your transmission or transaxle, when you have regular and continuous service maintenance and repairs performed at Computerized NAPA AutoPro.

At Computerized AutoPro, we’re different. All our auto repair services are backed by the best warranty in the business. With the Peace Of Mind Warranty, offered through NAPA AUTOPRO, means all our car repair work at Computerized AutoPro is warranted for a minimum of 2 years or 40,000 km.

NAPA Roadside Assistance

Authorized to Maintain New Vehicles

10 year/400,000 km warranty

NAPA-Backed Warranty Guaranteed

24 months/40,000 km Peace of Mind warranty

Locally Owned & Operated

NAPA AUTOPRO is our committed partner to better serve our Edmonton customers

Maintenance & Repair
We accept all major lease and fleet cards, including: ARI Canada, GE Fleet Service, JPL / Scoretrak, Transport Action, PH&H, Jim Pattison Lease, Alberta Fleet Card, All Government Cards
Service & Replace

Most vehicle batteries last four to five years, but you should have it examined at every oil change — whenever your hood is opened. At that time, your Computerized AutoPro technician will inspect your battery’s terminals for corrosion and cleanliness.

For Tires

Shop for your next set of tires with our online tool TireConnect and always get the best deal on tires in Edmonton from Computerized Napa AutoPro

Recharge & Repair

Don’t forget to book your Air Conditioning system inspection at Computerized Autopro before the peak of the summer to ensure you have the most convenient driving experience you ever had on the Edmonton roads.

Repair & Replace

Our unbeatable combination of decades-long experience plus the latest technology in brake system service and repair translates into three things that are important to us: proper repairs to your brake system, faster service time, and better value for your money.

Our Promise

What to Expect at Computerized AutoPro

When you visit our auto shop in edmonton, Our expert car mechanics will create a comprehensive maintenance program that’s customized to suit your vehicle, driving habits, and the conditions you drive in.

Plus, we’ll make your service appointment easy with shuttle service and courtesy cars.

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