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Your vehicle’s air-conditioning system should be inspected every two years. At that time, your Computerized Auto Pro Auto Air conditioner repair technician tells you if you need to Repair leaks, or to Refill your air-conditioner.

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Professional Auto Air-Conditioning Repair Service

Your refrigerator’s air-conditioning system is a breeze. Your car’s isn’t!

In a vehicle, the air-conditioning system is extremely powerful, plus it’s exposed to harsh conditions and it operates under a highly sophisticated control system. Never mind running while you drive 86 km/hr down the Whitemud.

Since refrigerant gases are toxic and subject to strict regulations, it’s always best to get air-conditioning service and advice from the experts.

There are a few indications of a defective auto a/c system you should be conscious of. Here are a few indications that will inform you about the best time Air Conditioner repair: 

  • Faulty fan or blower
  • An abnormal sound while the routine operation
  • Musty smell
  • Diminished cooling capacity
  • Cold Air from Heater, Warm from A/c
  • Defroster taking too much time to operate

How does your car’s A/c works, A Short brief…

An Air Conditioner system is liable for circulating the cold purified air within the cabin area, exhaling the warm gas outside the cabin. For this purpose, several processes are performed by your air conditioning system that makes use of refrigerant, which reduces the temperature of the cabin by taking the heat out. Endless cycles of air compression are performed by the refrigerant that’s reliant upon the compressor’s drive belt of your vehicle. Right after that, The Air compressor then distributes the refrigerant into the cabin where it’s converted from a warm gas into a liquid and then cooled.

Why Routine Maintenance is Necessary ?

Getting early solutions for air conditioner problems can protect you from unwanted pricy repairs & saving a huge amount of time, also it also reduces the possibility of bigger problems that may occur in near future, ultimately helping you in long run. You can consider the example of the loss of a compressor just because of a refrigerant leak. and It is far too costly to get your compressor fixed in comparison to sealing the refrigerant leakage.

A/c Not performing well?

Wait, We can help…

Don’t forget to book your Air Conditioning system inspection at Computerized Autopro before the peak of the summer to ensure you have the most convenient driving experience you ever had on the Edmonton roads. To schedule your next auto Air conditioner repair or auto repair service in Edmonton, Give us a call at (780) 468-4227 or just submit a form online. We, as your local automotive mechanics, are pleased to be one of the best and most experienced auto repair shops in Edmonton & its neighborhood.

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