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Having issues with brakes! Don’t drive throughout the busy roads of Edmonton with squealing brakes, schedule a brake pad inspection appointment with Computerized Autopro Mechanics today!!
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Comprehensive Brake Repair & Brake Pad Inspection Service in Edmonton.

brake repair edmonton

All vehicles – whether sedans, SUVs, trucks, and anything in between – will require regular brake repair Edmonton drivers, fortunately, have the advantage of turning to Computerized AutoPro for professional service and repairs.

It goes without saying that it’s vital for the safety of you, your family and those around you that you maintain your brakes properly. Your brakes could save your life – or that of a loved one. Brakes aren’t just something that you can think about at certain times of the year, like winter months, when the roads are slippery. Proper and regular brake maintenance and brake pad inspection are a must for safety, and they can help you avoid the need for costly repairs in the future, as well.

Our unbeatable combination of decades-long experience plus the latest technology in brake system service and repair translates into three things that are important to us: proper repairs to your brake system, faster service time, and better value for your money. We will make sure that when you leave our garage, you do so with the confidence that our work will guarantee your vehicle’s safety on the road.

Warning Signs for Impending Brake Maintenance

Brake Indicators Turns “Red or Yellow”

When You Vehicle is due for regular inspection or the automated sensor in your car identifies a problem, it creates an alert by Turning the Red or yellow brake indicator on the dashboard of your car ON.
Whenever the brake indicator Turns on, Always make sure, that the brakes are released to confirm that’s not the problem.

Annoying sounds while applying brakes

Brakes should function with the minimum sound. Sometimes your car generates excessive annoying sounds like squealing, squeaking or grinding. If you can hear them while sitting in the cabin of your car, it certainly indicates that your brakes need to be repaired.

Vibration or Scraping While Braking

if you are experiencing vibrations while applying brakes, this could be:

  1. A result of an uneven rotor.
  2. Rust over the surface of the rotor.
  3. damaging of brake parts because of inappropriate
  4. wheel lug nut installation
  5. Sticky Piston.
  6. Experiencing vibrations while applying brakes could be an indication of a severe problem in your vehicle. Always Make sure to get your brakes inspected in such a case.

vehicle pulling to one side

Have you ever encountered your car pulling to one side when you apply brakes? Well, This problem could also arise because of an underinflated tire, or this could also happen due to misadjusted brakes or when brakes need repair.

hard press, low pedal & touchy brakes

If the Brake Pedal feels difficult to suppress, and you have to use additional force to make the brake function, it may be due to power brake stress, limited hydraulic lines, frosted calipers or wheel cylinders, or broken brake linings which needs to be repaired, if not taken care of may increase the cost of repair.

If you have to pump the Pedal repeatedly to bring a vehicle to a stop, or Pedal nearly reaches floorboard before brakes start working could be due to the low fluid level. Also, in such a case, you may see the brake warning light on your dashboard.

“Touchy” brakes are those which function with the application of minimal pressure. GRAB may symbolize a simple problem such as grease or oil contaminated linings, or serious problems such as unfastened or defective part ready to fail in an emergency.

If you encounter the indications of faulty brakes or any of the warning indicators mentioned above, then reach us online or call us today to have your brakes inspected at our comprehensive brake repair Edmonton Shop.

We are proudly serving the Brake Repair needs of customers in Edmonton, and surrounding areas for more than 37 Years.

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