Canadian winters are harsh on vehicles, and especially their tires, which is why winter tires were designed to guard against the cold, icy, snowy roads. Depending on the manufacturer, they are available in winter/snow, ice and snow or performance winter/snow and ice. Installing winter tires can help keep your vehicle in good condition, protect against extreme damage or wear and tear and prevent a loss of control in harsh conditions. But, like many products, there’s a science to buying the right winter tires. The wrong tires could cost you time, money and security. So, before the winter season comes on in full force, learn how to shop for winter tires by checking out the tips below:

Select Tires that Match Your Location

The winter tires you purchase could depend on where you live and how you drive. For example, if you live in a busy urban city, you will probably need ice and snow tires to prevent sliding and to account for all the starting and stopping that can occur on city streets. When in doubt, choose tires that fit the most common weather conditions in the areas where you live and commute, and always buy tires from a reputable dealer. For a large selection and competitive pricing on some of the best winter tires Edmonton offers, check out Computerized Auto Pro.

Buy the Right Tires for Your Car

Obviously, tires aren’t one-size-fits-all. Small sedan tires can’t fit on an SUV, for instance. The vehicle’s drive type must also be considered. Four-wheel (4WD), front-wheel (FWD), all-wheel (AWD) and rear-wheel (RWD) drives are the four drive types. And, just like the tires that complement them, they all provide distinct driving and traction capabilities. All-wheel drive types provide the most traction and are considered the best for navigating Canadian winters. However, if you visit us at Computerized Auto Pro, we’ll match the right tires to your vehicle’s drive type, size, shape and weight.

Consider the Tread

When shopping for tires, tread wear should always be a consideration. The depth of a tire’s tread affects its durability, functionality and performance, especially in snowy or icy conditions. Since the specifics of treads and tread wear can be complicated, your trusted mechanic or tire dealer can help you choose the best tires with suitable treads. Just make sure your tires are long-lasting, aren’t abnormally vulnerable to tread wear and come with a warranty. Ready to equip your vehicle with top quality winter tires for an unbeatable price? Call or visit us at Computerized AutoPro for more information on our huge selection of tires.

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