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At Computerized AutoPro, we offer battery repair & replacements for all engine types, including diesel vehicles, hybrids, electric vehicles, boats, RVs, tractors, semi-trucks and sump-pump back-up batteries for your home.

We pride ourselves on not only being a cut above the rest, but leaders in our industry.

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Top-Notch Equipment

Midtronics is North America’s leader in charging technology, it is also used by almost all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for battery warranty check. This charger is specially designed to use on the vehicle while performed OEM software updates to any module and is an OEM required tool.

This is another OEM tester for batteries. This charger is a $3000+ device that not only tests batteries, it also has the ability to recondition and charges the battery automatically. When charging batteries, they should be charged on a waveform, never a constant charge. Of course this is very expensive technology and therefore most chargers you will see available for sale only charge at a constant rate. FYI – We currently are waiting for the newest version of this, the GRX-3000!

Lastly, we have a higher end conventional charger that we have had for quite some time at our car battery repair edmonton store, we really only use it on batteries we feel are questionable or totally dead as when we used our very expensive chargers on bad batteries we have found damage has occurred to our machine.


A Complete Shop For Vehicle Battery Replacement in Edmonton

Auto Mechanic

Your car battery is your engine’s powerhouse. It has the electrical juice your ignition and alternator need to get going.

Chemical corrosion is a battery’s worst enemy, deteriorating wires and forcing the alternator to work harder. This resistance can eventually cause your engine to break down.

In Alberta, we’re no strangers to harsh weather conditions. Temperatures can swing from 35°C in the summer to -35°C in the winter—hard not only on you, but also on your car and its battery.

Most vehicle batteries last four to five years, but you should have it examined at every oil change — whenever your hood is opened. At that time, your Computerized AutoPro technician will inspect your battery’s terminals for corrosion and cleanliness.

You can extend your battery’s life even further with our Complete Car Battery Repair & Replacement Service in Edmonton. After performing the above work, we’ll:

  • Remove and clean all cable ends
  • Neutralize and clean off battery acid
  • Install anti-corrosion pads
  • Apply battery protector to prevent corrosion and extend battery life
  • Reset your vehicle’s time clock and radio stations

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We provide unparalleled service that surpasses that of other shops. Edmonton residents can rely on us for any and all their automotive needs.

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