Computerized AutoPro
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Not Just Your Auto Repair Shop


All our work is backed by the best warranty in the business. With the Peace Of Mind Warranty, offered through Napa AutoPro, means all our work at Computerized AutoPro is warranted for a minimum of 2 years or 40,000 km.


If you are driving a newer car, Napa Auto Pro’s 10 Year/400,000 km limited warranty will keep you driving worry free for years to come. Next time you come in, ask us if your vehicle qualifies.


Computerized AutoPro offers highly trained diagnostic technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and a unique approach to customer care that includes:
Our Promise

The Computerized NAPA AutoPro Experience

Caring staff

We’ll get your vehicle into one of our service bays as soon as possible. To make your service appointment more convenient, we’ll arrange to get you to and from our shop with our shuttle service or a courtesy car.

Thorough explanations and clear estimates

We want you to feel confident about your choices and our expert care. That’s why we take the time to explain your options and our estimate.

A comfortable waiting area.

Even though you’re welcome to relax in our comfortable chairs, catch up on emails and read today’s news, chances are, we’ll have you in and out of here before you even have the chance to enjoy our free coffee and WiFi!

Service Review

Computerized AutoPro takes pride in doing the job right and helping you understand both our work – and your car. Not only will we point out what we’ve fixed, we’ll also offer our recommendations for future maintenance service.

A “Peace of Mind” Warranty

In addition to a record of your service and a recommended service schedule, you’ll leave our shop knowing we’ve got you covered with the NAPA 24-month/40,000-kilometre guarantee on all parts and labour.

NAPA AutoPro Warranties

Learn About Our Warranties

New Vehicle Warranties

Will Your Dealership Tell You About Extra Warranty Work That Should Be Done On Your New Car?

We will.

At Computerized NAPA AutoPro, we care about your new car. Not only are we your lifelong automotive repair shop, we’re also your one-stop-shop.

If you have a new car under warranty, Computerized AutoPro will:

Perform your regular maintenance services such as oil changes and engine flushes. Computerized AutoPro is licensed and authorized to perform regular scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

Tell you about warranty repairs you should have had done and can now do while your vehicle is in our shop for other services. There is nothing more frustrating than returning from dealership warranty work, to getting in your vehicle the next day to discover that something else needs mechanical attention. We’ll all sleep better knowing that all your warranty repairs are completed.

Look after your warranty work for you. We’ll perform an inspection to ensure the dealership has done all the necessary work before your warranty expires. We’ll even verify that the warranty work was performed to our standards…and your satisfaction.

Plus, we’ll keep records of the maintenance services done at Computerized NAPA AutoPro and your dealership’s repair work so there’s one complete set of records you can rely on.

Used Vehicle Warranties

Now That Your Warranty Has Expired, Your Car Needs A Plan.

At Computerized NAPA AutoPro, our goal is to help you keep your vehicle in shape so it’s safe, reliable and ready for a high resale.

When your vehicle’s warranty expires, our caring and highly trained technicians provide:

A preventative maintenance schedule

so you keep repair costs down and your vehicle on the road.

A detailed service plan

tailored to your vehicle your driving conditions and habits.

A complete inspection

by our diagnostic technicians every time we service your vehicle.

A full set

of your vehicle’s maintenance and repair records.

Make Computerized NAPA AutoPro your post warranty headquarters so you can take advantage of our proactive approach to vehicle maintenance, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained technicians.