A Trusted Family Owned Auto Mechanic Shop in Edmonton

When the Eskow’s opened Computerized Alignment & Brake in 1983, they knew they wanted to be different than all the other automotive repair and mechanic shops Edmonton residents turned to.

They wanted to fix your car today, and help you keep it running for years.

They wanted to be clear about costs and recommended work so you could make the right choices for you, and feel good about them.

They wanted you to know they care about your car as much as you do.

Fast forward to today, the shop is owned by Travis and Cali Murray since 2021. Our commitment to our customers is to provide honest and reliable service to you. While Computerized Autopro has been a staple for almost 40 years in Edmonton, it is still based on those same principles of excellent workmanship and customer service. Over time, Computerized AutoPro has evolved to offer a range of automotive maintenance and repair services using state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled diagnostic technicians.

Computerized AutoPro was invited to join NAPA AutoPro because of our expertise, qualifications, integrity and our reputation as a leading provider of auto repair service in Edmonton.

NAPA AutoPro Service Provider

As a NAPA AutoPro service provider, we are proud to uphold NAPA’s high service standards.

  • Book your next appointment with a mechanic when it’s convenient for you.
  • Wait for your approval to proceed with maintenance or repair work.
  • Keep you informed of all mechanic and manufacturer-recommended services.
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians and state-of-the art equipment so we can solve even the toughest problems.
  • Maintain responsible environmental practices that meet your motoring needs.

Every NAPA AUTOPRO auto mechanic (Edmonton area) is devoted to this mission and will continue to provide Automotive Service Excellence with the highest level of Customer Satisfaction while providing a stress-free experience!

Seeking a professional auto service in edmonton?

Look no further than Computerized AutoPro, a leading auto repair services shop in Edmonton.

Contact us to book your appointment today.

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