When it comes to diesel repair, Edmonton residents can rely on Computerized Auto Pro’s comprehensive diagnostics and overhaul services to meet their vehicle’s specific needs. We understand that you need to have your vehicle in top working condition, and in cases where repair might be necessary we endeavor to provide solutions that will restore your car to its best possible performance.

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Signs of Engine Failure

Trouble in Starting

When your vehicle refuses to start, it may be caused by low-compression as diesel engines are highly dependable on compression to get a decent start and a smooth run. The state of Low-compression in diesel engines arises when it does not attain the right pressure to cause an explosion inside the seal chamber. Another reason behind engine failure can be the wear and tear of components that occur as the age of engine increases.

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Low Fuel Efficiency

If the consumption of diesel by your vehicle has increased, it could be indicating that the injectors or the rings of your car’s engine are malfunctioning, and if not repaired timely can cause some serious trouble. Sometimes you might have seen black smoke or misfire from the engine; these happen because of Leaking of extra fuel inside the seal chamber, and if it continues can damage engine parts and may cause a complete failure of the engine.

Engine Noise

Too much noise is also an indication that your diesel engine needs a repair badly. You might have heard some unusual sounds from Engine Sometimes. The reason can be:

1. If liner seals, main bearing, or piston skirt gets damaged, you will hear a knocking sound.
2. Sometimes In most of the older engines, the primary or rod bearings get damaged and cause a clucking sound.
3. Leaking fuel injectors usually creates pinging sounds.
4. The tapping noises arise because of the blocked valves.

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In case of unusual sounds, a quick diagnosis is essential as all these problems are severe and, if not resolved timely, may damage the other parts as well.

If you are facing any of these problems with your diesel engine, it is definitely time to have it checked in for service. We perform a thorough diagnostics checkup using the latest tools and technology for diesel repairs, following strict standards of quality. In cases requiring parts replacements, you can be sure that we only source the best quality pieces that are compatible with your vehicle and can withstand the stress of daily vehicular use.

We have a thorough understanding of the special nature of diesel engines and the kind of repair they will need across a variety of vehicles. Our trained diesel mechanics in Edmonton perform a wide variety of diesel repair, from routine maintenance to major repair work and restorations for both main and auxiliary engines. When it comes to diesel repair, Edmonton specialists are also ready to dispense valuable advice in vehicle-specific care and maintenance practice that will ensure less trips to the shop and more time spent driving around in your vehicle! We are your Edmonton diesel truck & car repair experts!

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