It’s a simple fact that a vehicle can’t run without an engine. So, if you want to keep your car in peak running condition, the engine should receive the utmost care. A major part of this care is an engine flush. Engines perform lots of tasks, and all of this work causes gunk and debris buildup in your system. A flush is the only way to get rid of this build up, but there are many more benefits to an engine flush. Below are four of the ways your vehicle will benefit when you choose our engine flush service.

Helps Keep Your Oil Clean

After a flush, any oil you put into the engine will be going into a clean compartment. This means that your oil will be cleaner for a longer period. Fresh, clean oil will also enable your engine and vehicle to run more smoothly. For the best results, have an engine flush after your next oil change. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule you for a flush and the best oil change Edmonton has to offer!

Removes Debris Buildup

Driving takes a toll on your engine, especially stop and go driving. This type of driving causes debris to build up inside an engine, which can cause serious problems if not removed in a timely manner. For example, debris can inhibit oil flow and even affect other vehicle systems. However, a flush can get rid of these deposits and help keep your entire vehicle performing well for a longer period of time.

Cleans the Components in Your Engine

Excess debris buildup in your engine can spread to other components and cause them to become gummed up, as well. However, a flush will remove particles and deposits from every part of your engine. So, all the components in the system will work better together. This will help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and horsepower.

Gets Rid of Small Particles

Oil filters are designed to sift out particles that are 1/1,000th of an inch or bigger, but smaller, microscopic particles can exist in an engine’s components. These small particles can cause many problems, but an engine flush can get rid of them, flushing out everything the oil filter misses. To have all these small particles removed from your engine, you’ll just need the help of a good engine flush service like Computerized Auto Pro.

Ready to book your next oil change and an engine flush? Give us a call today!

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