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Engine Flush

Keep your engine clean, improve fuel economy, reduce harmful emissions, and extend the life of your engine with our Engine Flush Service. If you need to schedule an oil change in Edmonton, we strongly encourage our customers to consider this service, as well. An Engine Flush will benefit your vehicle in more ways than one!

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Complete Engine Flush Service

Taking your vehicle for an oil change is important. So is getting rid of the old oil left behind.

When your car gets an oil change, the old oil deposits become sludge and varnish that build up in your engine.

Your computerized engine is sensitive to those deposits. It’ll struggle to perform and your parts will get worn.

engine flush Edmonton
engine flush service edmonton

Our Engine Flush Service:

  • Uses a safe and effective cleaner along with a specially formulated motor oil additive.
  • Removes and suspends harmful accumulated contaminants, gums and varnish deposits so your engine is clean and can run at its peak.
  • Engine flushes also help your engine start in cold weather, which is nice when you live in Edmonton.

Similar to how you take your vehicle for an oil change on a regular basis, we recommend this service every 12 months or 24,000 km.

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