Winters in Edmonton can be long, cold and harsh, which can be hard on a vehicle. Prepare your vehicle for the winter ahead by getting some fall maintenance performed at a trusted shop, like Computerized AutoPro. Fall maintenance will help keep your vehicle running smoothly all winter long, and prevent breakdowns as well as costly repairs. Below are four vehicle components that should be serviced during the fall.

Ensure the Functionality of Your Heater and Defroster

In Canada, it’s impossible to drive a vehicle in the winter without a properly functioning heater and defroster. So, you’ll want to make sure these parts are working before the cold weather starts. Ask your mechanic to check both your heater and defroster for functionality during your fall maintenance check. It’s the key to driving in comfort and maintaining optimum visibility during cold days and snowstorms.

Have the Engine’s Performance Checked

The engine is the most important part of a vehicle, and for car owners, little is scarier than engine problems. A failing engine can cause problems with drivability, including rough idling, diminished power, stalling and hard starts. Moreover, cold weather can exacerbate existing problems. Make sure your mechanic checks your engine and oil, as well as replaces dirty air filters. If you want a thorough engine check-up, visit a trusted shop for auto repair. Edmonton drivers visit Computerized AutoPro, where we ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best, by checking the engine and giving you a full tune-up. Tune-ups can include:
  • Replacing air filters
  • Flushing the cooling system before adding fresh antifreeze (should be checked every month during the winter to maintain a 50/50 antifreeze, water mix)
  • Checking and re-tightening belts and clamps
  • Testing the power steering
  • Replacing the spark plugs and PCV valve
  • Checking the hoses for bulges, leaks or cracks
  • Testing and cleaning the battery, as well as re-tightening the connections
  • Inspecting the exhaust system for leaks

Get an Oil Change

Ideally, your oil and filter should be changed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. However, in the fall, it’s a good idea to have your oil and filter also checked and possibly changed during fall maintenance. An oil change will:
  • Prevent dirt and debris buildup
  • Enhance engine performance
  • Extend the life of your engine
  • Lower harmful emissions
  • Improve mileage

Get the Tires Checked

High-performance or snow tires are a must for harsh winter climates. It’s a good idea to get your tires checked for wear during fall maintenance, as well. Tires should be checked for: uneven wearing, cuts on sidewalls, cupping, low pressure and remaining tread life. Bad tires should be replaced and good tires should be rotated. If you’re ready to book a fall maintenance appointment for your vehicle, give us a call! Now is the time to get your vehicle ready for winter.

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