A vehicle’s air conditioning system is much like a residential system; it’s made up of a compressor, condenser and evaporator. The compressor draws in and compresses the refrigerant before forcing it through the condenser. The condenser acts as a radiator, radiating heat outside of the vehicle and cooling down the refrigerant until it turns into a liquid. Air is pulled into the evaporator, where it vaporizes and absorbs the heat from the blower fan. If anything goes wrong with any of these parts, your A/C will need to be repaired.

The air conditioner is one of the most important components of your car – one that is almost impossible to live without. A broken or malfunctioning A/C can make it uncomfortable and unpleasant to drive during the summer. However, your air conditioner will always give you signs when it’s in need of repair. Below are the three main signs that your vehicle’s A/C needs service.

Strange Noises from the A/C System

A rattling, banging or squealing sound when you turn on the air conditioner is a strong indicator that there’s a problem with the system. On the other hand, if there’s a grating or grinding sound when you turn it on, there’s most likely something wrong with the fan. No matter what noise you hear, these sounds are signs you should take your car in to have it inspected by experts.

A Strange Odour

A strange smell emanating from the air vents could be a sign that your car’s A/C system is failing, but a bad smell could also indicate mold growth in the system, which could cause more damage and even health problems for you. If you detect a foul odour coming from your vents, you should call a mechanic for car service immediately.

Air Conditioner is Losing Cooling Capacity

A noticeable loss in cooling capacity is the greatest indicator of a failing vehicle air conditioner. For example, the system is blowing warm air or cool instead of cold air. Cars with failing air conditioners will also be unable to reach the set temperature, as well as indicate the wrong interior temperature. If your vehicle’s A/C isn’t cooling to its full potential, call an auto repair Edmonton expert, like Computerized Auto Pro.


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