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Fleet Services Edmonton

Return to the Edmonton’s most trusted Automotive Repair Shop, and enjoy easy billing for your services. 

(780) 468 4227

It’s easy to keep your fleet on the road.

We accept all major lease and fleet cards, including:

  1. ARI Canada
  2. GE Fleet Service
  3. JPL / Scoretrak
  4. Transport Action
  5. PH&H
  6. Jim Pattison Lease
  7. Alberta Fleet Card
  8. All Government Cards
Fleet Services Edmonton

Need car repairs on one of the vehicles in your fleet?
The highly skilled technicians at Computerized AutoPro have been taking care of Edmonton’s auto repairs for 30 years. Request your service appointment online now.

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We provide unparalleled service that surpasses that of other shops. Edmonton residents can rely on us for any and all their automotive needs.

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Edmonton vehicle owners enjoy more than three decades of top notch service experience, thanks to our team of professionals. Book an appointment today to experience our service.

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