Potholes can be a thorn in any driver’s side. They’re not only dangerous and cause vehicle damage, but they can even cause accidents. Every year, potholes force drivers and Canadian municipalities to pay for costly repairs. While drivers are tasked with repairing their vehicles, cities like Edmonton are tasked with repairing the roads. Fortunately, for drivers, there are a few key tips to help you steer clear of potholes and potentially costly repairs.

Drive Over Puddles Carefully

Puddles indicate holes in the road and should be avoided at all costs. However, if you can’t avoid a pool of water, drive over it carefully. Since it’s impossible to judge the depth of a puddle, driving slowly and cautiously could minimize the risk of damage. Hitting a pothole at full speed can cause several issues of varying degrees, such as:
  • Misalignment and shaking
  • Pulling to either side while driving
  • Suspension damage
  • Flattened or deflated tires
  • A damaged undercarriage leading to fluid leaks
  • Dented rims
  • Cracked and/or bulging tires
If you encounter any of these issues associated with pothole damage, contact a trusted team for an auto repair. Edmonton drivers contact us at Computerized Auto Pro for quality service and workmanship.

Drive at a Sensible Speed

Hitting a pothole at full speed can be disastrous. It can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle or cause a major accident. Speeding may also make it impossible to spot a pothole in the road. Thus, to better avoid potholes, you should always maintain a sensible speed. This means driving at or below the suggested legal speed limit. Additionally, if you spot a pothole and can’t navigate around it, slow down, grip the steering wheel with both hands and slowly roll over it.

Maintain a Safe Distance Behind Other Vehicles

Keeping a safe distance behind other vehicles can help you spot potholes. Early spotting can improve your reaction and reaction time. Therefore, you can more effectively plan how to maneuver around the obstacle. If you spot a pothole, report it to the city of Edmonton or your local representative. The pothole should be covered or fixed within a week after your report is received.

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