Potholes are shallow or deep cavities in the roadway caused by the erosion of asphalt. These cavities can be large or small. But, no matter the size, driving over a pothole could be potentially disastrous. They can cause damage to you tires and other parts of your car, and put you and others in danger. Damage from potholes can be expensive and sometimes irreversible. However, there are ways to protect yourself before and after hitting a pothole. Below is some advice on what you can do.

Prepare for Potential Potholes

It may be impossible to avoid potholes while driving, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself before encountering one. Protecting yourself includes: maintaining your tires, driving responsibly and purchasing a tire warranty. Proper tire maintenance can minimize damage after hitting a pothole. Tires that are inflated to the optimum pressure or pound-force per square inch (PSI) guard against extreme damage. Driving responsibly means avoiding suspected potholes whenever possible. For example, avoiding water-filled puddles in the road, maintaining a safe following distance and slowing down and driving around potholes.

Identify Damage After Driving Over a Pothole

Damage caused by potholes can be minor or major. Minor damage includes dents, punctures and bent wheels, whereas major damage includes broken tire parts, wheel misalignment and severe suspension damage. Potholes can also cause damage to your car’s struts, tie rods, ball joints and control arm. However, some damage is more apparent than others. Apparent damage includes:
  • Leaking fluids
  • Flat tires
  • Tire vibrations or loud noises
  • Bulging sidewalls
  • Bent rims
However, whether the damage is apparent or not, after hitting a pothole, you should have your tires inspected by one of the best tire shops Edmonton has to offer. At Computerized AutoPro, we have a team of tire experts that can immediately assess and fix any damage caused to your tires. Plus, if there’s irreparable damage, the service sells tires for only 10% over cost.

Don’t Drive on the Tires After Hitting a Pothole

Your tires may last for many miles after driving over a pothole, but if there’s damage, the more miles you drive, the more damaged the tires become. So, have your tires checked and possibly replaced, immediately after a pothole encounter. If this isn’t possible then personally check your tires for visible signs of damage and closely monitor their pressure. A loss in pressure could be a sign of damage. Have questions about tires? Need to repair or replace your tires? Look no further. Give us a call and take advantage of our expert advice, great service and even better deals on tires.

Consider Tire Performance and Why You Need New Tires

Ideally, car tires should be replaced every three to four years. But age isn’t the only reason you should or will want to replace your tires. Damage and changing weather conditions are also top reasons why most people purchase new tires. But whatever your reason for replacing old tires, performance should be a top consideration when buying new tires. To ensure you have top performing tires, check their grip, tread life, and consumer ratings. Additionally, make sure to purchase your tires from a reputable dealer, like Computerized Auto Pro.

Consider the Type of Tires You Want to Purchase

Tires come in three types: winter, summer, and all-season. For Canadians, winter or snow tires can be a necessity. Although all-season tires perform well in cold or snowy conditions, they’re not ideal for extreme conditions or long winters. They can lose tread and become easily damaged by ice, snow or even the cold ground. During the winter, snow tires provide the best traction, but only ‘okay’ braking on cleared streets. That said, all season tires are less expensive and won’t need to be changed when the seasons change. They also provide good all-around performance and handling. Summer tires should only be used in warmer weather conditions and provide excellent dry or wet braking and overall handling. But, for the winter, all-season or winter tires are your only choices.

Consider the Size of the Tires

If you’re going to buy new tires, you must make sure they’re the right size for your vehicle. The best way to find the right size tires for your car is to check the owner’s manual. Once you find the proper measurements, you can take them to your local tire dealer and they will help you interpret them and find the right size tires for your car. A dealer like Computerized Auto Pro can provide you with this service while providing the best tires Edmonton has to offer. We’re currently offering excellent discounts on all our tires; prices are just 10% over cost and all our tires come with lifetime free flat repairs and lifetime road hazard guarantee. Visit us today and let our team of experts help you choose the best tires for your vehicle at the best price!

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