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Power Steering Repair

Our Power Steering Repair Service uses a professional strength cleaner to remove contaminated deposits from the internal components, Flush worn-out, contaminated fluid, and suspended debris with a specialized tool.

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Complete Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service

While you’re turning corners, your power steering pumps are fighting friction, pressure and heat.

When your power steering fluid breaks down under these tight conditions, contaminated fluid pumps through the power steering system. Over time, that causes harsh wear on your power steering pumps and racks. The result? Pump noise, erratic steering, and even mechanical failure.

We also inspect your belts, hoses and connections to see if anything needs to be replaced. Lastly, we pump a specially formulated power steering fluid into your system.

Prevent leaks, fluid breakdown, and costly repairs with our Complete Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service.

We recommend this service every two years or 50,000 km.

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