There’s no debate, Canadian winters can be harsh. Weather conditions that bring lots of ice and snow can make everything challenging, but especially driving. When it’s more difficult to navigate the roads, just a short drive across town can be stressful and even unsafe. Equipping your vehicle with the right tires is one of the best ways to ensure a safer drive, and the best winter tires for your vehicle will make a big difference in your vehicle’s performance, especially when the driving conditions are less than favourable. Check out our tips for choosing the most suitable tires for your car – and our Canadian winters!

Make Sure Your Tires Match

Many people mistakenly buy only two winter tires for their drive axle, but for optimum performance, you’ll need four matching tires. Having only two winter tires can be dangerous and make it nearly impossible for you to drive safely in the ice or snow. This is because only the two winter tires will grip the cold, icy or snowy terrain. With only two tires gripping the surface, your car could pinwheel and spin out of control.

Choose Winter Tires

Although it might be tempting to use all-season tires, most tire shops in Edmonton will tell you winter/snow tires simply perform better. These winter tires are a necessity in Canada where snow and ice are common in the winter. Winter tires grip snow and ice better than all-season tires and simply make it easier for you to maneuver your car in the colder months of the year. For example, winter tires can:

  • Prevent your car from sliding, especially around slippery corners
  • Help your vehicle stop faster
  • Stay softer during the coldest temperatures
  • Help you climb hills faster and more efficiently

Buy Durable, Comfortable Tires

Snow tires take a beating, so make sure yours are as durable as possible. The softer rubber on these tires can wear out faster than the rubber on all-season tires. However, to counteract this, purchase snow tires that are expected to last at least three winters. Although comfort has nothing to do with durability and performance, it’s still nice to have tires that offer a smooth ride even on snow or ice. For the most comfortable ride, purchase tires without chunky treads.

Buy Early, Budget Wisely and Get a Warranty

Tire shops begin stocking winter tires in the early fall and the best tires are usually out of stock by the end of the season. For the best, most reliable tires, plan to make your purchase as soon as the season starts. However, before making your purchase, make sure you have a realistic budget, and be sure to also include the cost of installation. The best snow tires always come with a warranty for workmanship and defects, however, many do not come with a warranty for tread wear.

Get your vehicle equipped for winter driving now! When it comes to tires or auto repair, Edmonton drivers trust us to provide them with the solutions they need at competitive prices. Call now for more information on the winter tires we have in stock.

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