Car troubles can be inconvenient and frustrating, but also avoidable. Routine maintenance will keep your car running well while helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. In fact, it’s essential for keeping your car in peak condition and safe on the road. Several services should be done during routine maintenance, including:

  • Checking battery life and power
  • Inspecting the wiper blades for wear
  • Regularly, checking belts and hoses for cracks and/or leaks
  • Replacing old spark plugs
  • Checking the coolant level and refilling it to the right level (if needed) to prevent wear on the engine

However, perhaps the most important components of routine maintenance include checking the brakes and tires and getting an oil and filter change. Below is an explanation of why this car maintenance is so important.

Brake Maintenance

Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle, and brake maintenance is all about road safety. Failing brakes can lead to an accident on the road, put you and other drivers in a dangerous situation, cause injury, damage to your car and more. So, your brakes should be inspected at least once a year by an Edmonton car service like Computerized AutoPro.

This inspection will include checking the operating hardware and condition of the hydraulic system. Additionally, the shoes, rotors, drum and pads are checked, as they’re the most vital components of your brakes. These components wear down every time the brakes are applied, so they must be closely monitored and replaced from time to time.

Tire Maintenance

Tires are tantamount to a vehicle’s performance, because they carry the entire weight of the vehicle. This means that under-inflated, faulty or damaged tires can negatively impact the performance of your car. Particularly, under-inflated tires can make stopping difficult and unsafe as well as cause the shoulders of your tires to wear down. On the other hand, over-inflating your tires will make them rigid and cause them to connect less with the road, which leads to uneven tire wear and a rougher ride.

Routine maintenance will ensure your tires maintain the optimum air pressure and are safe for the road. Regular tire rotation will also ensure the tires wear more evenly, which increases safety. Additionally, tire maintenance can help reduce fuel costs and increase tire life. Just have your tires checked by a trusted auto shop. Edmonton drivers trust Computerized AutoPro!

Oil & Filter Maintenance

A scheduled oil and filter change is probably the most common car maintenance requirement. The oil and filter should be changed during every service check. Having them changed at the same time removes contaminants and impurities from your engine.

Changing the oil is invaluable to the life of your engine, as the lubrication reduces friction and wear. It also reduces noise in the engine, helps engine parts run cooler, carries heat away from important areas and combats rust and corrosion.

If your vehicle is due for an oil change or other maintenance, give us a call to schedule your appointment now!

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