Steering Repair
Our Power Steering Repair Service uses a professional strength cleaner to remove contaminated deposits from the internal components, Flush worn-out, contaminated fluid, and suspended debris with a specialized tool.

Power Steering Repair in Edmonton

While you’re turning corners, your power steering pumps are fighting friction, pressure and heat.

When your power steering fluid breaks down under these tight conditions, contaminated fluid pumps through the power steering system. Over time, that causes harsh wear on your power steering pumps and racks. The result? Pump noise, erratic steering, and even mechanical failure.

We also inspect your belts, hoses and connections to see if anything needs to be replaced. Lastly, we pump a specially formulated power steering fluid into your system.

Prevent leaks, fluid breakdown, and costly repairs with our Complete Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service.

We recommend this service every two years or 50,000 km.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

available at Computerized NAPA AutoPro in Edmonton

When you find that you are due for a power steering flush, you might wonder if you can get by and skip this service. So is a power steering fluid change really necessary? The short answer is yes—routine power steering flushes are essential to protecting your vehicle and keeping you safe on the road. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Noticing Symptoms: If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, your power steering fluid flush is absolutely necessary—and should be scheduled as soon as possible for the safety of you, your vehicle, and other drivers on the road.
  • No Symptoms: What if you are due for a routine power steering fluid flush but have not yet noticed any symptoms? This service is still necessary to prevent dangerous or inconvenient symptoms from emerging. It can also help protect your power steering system. For example, your power steering pump can begin to degenerate without adequate fluid—turning a simple maintenance flush into a costly repair. A visit to the mechanic is necessary—but not as urgent as it is for drivers seeing symptoms. In these cases, schedule your service at your earliest convenience at Computerized NAPA AutoPro

Excellent Workmanship

Excellent Workmanship

Whether we’re performing a simple repair, a wheel alignment or a car inspection, Edmonton drivers can expect us to stand firmly behind the work that we do – our reputation depends on it. For drivers who value their vehicles, we are the repair and maintenance shop that provides complete, thorough and transparent service, because you want a vehicle service shop as invested in your vehicle as you are.

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Warranty Guaranteed

Warranty Guaranteed

When your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty has expired, we maintain your vehicle with auto care services that will keep your car young and money in your pocket. Learn more about our post warranty services.

When you’re in Edmonton, or you’re on the road almost anywhere in North America, and something unexpected happens, we’ve got you covered with our NAPA AUTOPRO 12-month/20,000-kilometre “Peace of Mind” warranty.

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The Dealership Alternative

The Dealership Alternative

The dealership is not the only place you can bring your car for fully warrantied service and maintenance.

Your new car maintenance can be performed by Computerized AutoPro and still be warranty approved. What’s more? We can facilitate your warranty repairs and recalls for you! You’ll never have to go directly to the dealer again – if that’s your wish. Wondering if your vehicle has a safety recall, or how much warranty you have left? Send us your VIN and we’ll find out for you.

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State of the Art Equipment

State of the Art Equipment

We are your one-stop shop for maintenance and auto repair. Edmonton drivers count on us as their total car care experts, offering professional auto service. We have the experience and training to help keep you and your family safe on the road. No matter what you need, from new tires, a repair, or an oil change, Edmonton car owners can satisfy all of their vehicle’s maintenance and repair requirements in one place.

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Why Choose Computerized AutoPro?

Car Battery Repair & Service

At Computerized AutoPro, we offer battery repair & replacements for all engine types, including diesel vehicles, hybrids, electric vehicles, boats, RVs, tractors, semi-trucks and sump-pump back-up batteries for your home.

Transmission Repair Service

With the best prices, fast and economical services, and a team of Napa Pro certified Mechanics, Computerized AutoPro is the best transmission repair shop in Edmonton.

Wheel Alignment Service

Computerized AutoPro is highly qualified, offering the latest in computerized wheel and alignment services.

Tire Repair Service

Computerized AutoPro offers new tires and flat tire repair for all vehicle makes and models.

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Getting early solutions for air conditioner problems can protect you from unwanted pricey repairs & saving a huge amount of time.

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We’ll resolve your vehicle problems with our comprehensive line of auto repairs, and with our brake system service.

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What to Expect at Computerized AutoPro

When you visit our auto shop in edmonton, Our expert car mechanics will create a comprehensive maintenance program that’s customized to suit your vehicle, driving habits, and the conditions you drive in.

Plus, we’ll make your service appointment easy with shuttle service and courtesy cars.

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