An ailing transmission can be one of the most alarming issues for a vehicle owner; in the majority of cases, it requires a replacement, and transmission replacements can be expensive.  The sooner you notice the signs, the less damage it causes and the faster your vehicle can be diagnosed and fixed. Learn how to identify the signs of transmission trouble here:

A Burning Smell

No matter the source, a burning smell in a vehicle can indicate a serious problem. Although it can be indicative of many issues, it’s a common sign of overheating transmission fluid, which can be a sign of a failing transmission. Since it’s impossible to diagnose the source of a burning smell in your vehicle, you should visit a mechanic as soon as you notice the smell.

A Buzzing Sound

Unusual sounds coming from your vehicle is never a positive sign. They’re also usually a strong indicator of serious issues, for instance a buzzing or humming sound can indicate transmission problems. If these sounds are ignored and your vehicle unchecked, additional damage may occur. Never ignore any buzzing, humming, whining or clunking.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Fluid shouldn’t leak from your car, especially transmission fluid. Leaking transmission fluid can be one of the most obvious signs of a failing transmission, but it’s not one of the easiest signs to identify. If you suspect fluid leakage, perform a simple test to confirm. When your vehicle is parked, place cardboard underneath, and after a few hours, remove the cardboard to check for wet spots or stains indicating leakage. If your vehicle is leaking, take it in for an inspection.

No Response When Switching Gears

No response when attempting to switch gears is a sign of transmission trouble that most people recognize. A transmission’s primary purpose is to allow the vehicle to switch gears immediately. Failing to switch gears right away or a delayed response indicates major transmission problems. If your transmission isn’t responding properly, take it in for the best transmission repair Edmonton has to offer – trust the experts at Computerized AutoPro.

Makes Unusual Sounds While in Neutral

Once again, your vehicle shouldn’t make unusual sounds. These sounds, however, can be helpful warning signs. For example, a bumping sound that occurs only when your vehicle is in neutral points to transmission troubles. Fortunately, in most cases, it indicates the need for fresh transmission fluid, but you should still take your car in for an immediate checkup if you notice this symptom. Are you worried about your vehicle’s transmission? Call us today to schedule an appointment and we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your vehicle.

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