Wheel alignment is a major component of vehicle safety. Misalignment can cause loose steering, pulling, an off-centre wheel and abnormal tire wear. However, if you don’t know what signs to look for, you could be unaware that your wheel is out of alignment. It’s an easy fix that has some common signs, including:
  • The vehicle pulls to one side
  • The steering wheel doesn’t return to centre
  • The steering wheel is off centre
  • Excessive tire wear in certain spots
  • Loose steering

Pulling to One Side

Because all roads have some crowning, your vehicle will always slightly pull to one side. Besides, vehicles don’t drive perfectly straight when they aren’t being steered. If it takes a lot of effort to keep your vehicle straight, however, it could be the result of a misaligned steering wheel. Schedule an appointment with a reputable mechanic. When it comes to wheel alignment, Edmonton drivers trust Computerized AutoPro for wheel alignment services that improve their vehicles’ performance.

Steering Wheel Doesn’t Return to Centre

After making a turn, your steering wheel should naturally return to centre. You can aid the process by keeping both hands on the wheel, but the wheel should return on its own. A steering wheel not returning to centre is a major sign of misalignment. However, if you’re not sure, simply have an alignment check performed by a professional mechanic.

Wheel is Off Centre

When driving on a level road, your wheel should be almost straight or centered. This means the emblem should be level and in the centre of the steering wheel. Misalignment causes the emblem to be off centre by a few degrees or more in either direction. An off-centre steering wheel is another major sign that your vehicle needs an alignment.

Excessive Tire Wear in Certain Spots

Tire wear patterns tell a lot about the condition of a vehicle. Mechanics often use these patterns to gather information about the condition of the suspension system, tire pressure and wheel alignment. For example, a scalloping or feathering pattern indicates issues with the toe adjustment. Abnormal patterns are indicative of alignment problems. Proper alignment will extend the life of your tires and improve your car’s drivability.

Loose Steering

A steering wheel that’s loose is a strong indicator of poor alignment. Loose steering or handling causes your car to make sloppy turns and seemingly wander across the road. This can be dangerous for you and other drivers. So, if your handling is loose, have your alignment checked immediately.

Concerned about your vehicle’s wheel alignment? Give us a call and book an appointment now!

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