Spring is a time for renewal, and this can extend to all things, including your vehicle. Just like your home, your car could benefit from some spring cleaning. In fact, springtime is perhaps the best time to freshen your car up with some detailing. Below are a few benefits of spring vehicle cleaning and why it’s important.

Helps Assess and Repair Winter Damage

Winter can be harsh on vehicles – inside and out. Once the season is over, you should have your car serviced immediately, and this includes assessing the interior and exterior for damage. The snow, ice and rock salt can cause water damage and staining, creating a breeding ground for mold and unpleasant smells. Professionals, like Computerized Auto Pro, will shampoo, steam clean, condition and/or vacuum your seats, upholstery, mats and carpet to remove moisture and prevent odors.

Protects Your Car’s Exterior

Detailing is important for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. At Computerized AutoPro, we provide the best exterior car cleaning Edmonton has to offer. These services protect your car’s exterior through hand washing, polishing, waxing, buffing and applying paint sealant. This will get rid of any mud, dust or rock salt residue on the car and the undercarriage. Not to mention, hand washing and drying prevents streaks and water spots. We can also provides protection against rust and corrosion, treat scratches, preform rock chip repairs and more. Windows and mirrors are also cleaned during the detailing process. For the finishing touch, tires are hand washed, buffed and polished with tire shine.

Preserves Retail Value

Having your car detailed several times a year can help ensure it maintains its retail value. Just remember to combine this with regular maintenance from a certified mechanic. Clean, well-maintained interior and exterior features can make your vehicle more attractive to buyers. So, a well-maintained vehicle is sure to fetch a premium price, if or when it’s sold or traded.

Freshens Your Car’s Interior

Once again, spring is all about freshness. It’s also the best time to freshen your car’s interior. Thorough interior detailing includes several services, such as:
  • Scrubbing and conditioning leather or vinyl
  • Steam cleaning, vacuuming and shampooing upholstery, seats, mats and carpet
  • Cleaning all interior mirrors and windows
  • Removing fingerprints and/or dust from the console, dashboards and door panels, as well as polishing them
  • Removing pet hair and other debris or dirt
  • Blowing out cracks and air vents
  • Applying fabric guard to upholstery
Remember that the services you receive will depend on the detailer you hire, the packages they offer and the money you spend. Call us now to learn more about our spring detailing packages.

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