Maintenance is a major part of vehicle ownership, and it includes taking care of your engine, transmission and tires – all essential to top vehicle performance. Many people, however, aren’t aware of just how important their tires are and that proper maintenance can improve vehicle safety and handling, as well as fuel economy. Here’s what you need to know about tire maintenance:

Tires Should Be Rotated Regularly

As the name suggests, tire rotation involves moving tires and wheels to a different position. This helps the tire tread wear evenly. Uneven wear can reduce traction, fuel economy and overall vehicle performance. A tire rotation must be performed by a professional mechanic on a regular basis. Ideally, your tires should be rotated in the fall and spring or at least once a year. However, your vehicle owner’s manual provides a more accurate schedule for tire rotation and maintenance. Keep in mind that the winter can be harsh on your tires, so spring tire repair and service is necessary and highly important.

Tire Pressure Must Be Maintained

Improper tire pressure can cause damage and safety concerns, including premature wear and possible blowouts. Fortunately, standard tires are set at the right pressure and every vehicle’s door jam sticker and owner’s manual provides recommendations for the correct pressure settings. Most tires should be set at 30 to 35 PSI (pounds per square inch). High pressure can prevent your tires from touching the road (which reduces traction), interfere with braking, negatively impact drive comfort and hinder steering. On the other hand, low pressure can wear down the tread quickly and lead to tire blowouts. You can use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure yourself, or you can ask for assistance during a vehicle checkup. The best tire shop Edmonton has to offer, Computerized AutoPro, will check your tire pressure, inflate them to the proper level and/or suggest new tires if yours are leaking or won’t properly inflate.

When Tires Need to be Replaced

Tire maintenance is important, but no matter how well they’re cared for, tires will eventually need to be replaced. Over time, tire tread wears down completely, natural oils in rubber dries up and damage impacts safety. So, while your tires may last for years, they won’t last forever. Old tires can be dangerous, so never put off buying new ones. For the best tires in Edmonton, priced at just 10% over cost, talk to the experienced team at Computerized AutoPro.

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