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Transmission Repair Edmonton

With the best price in the area, fast and economical services, and a team of Napa pro certified Auto Mechanics and staff, Computerized Autopro is the best transmission repair shop in Edmonton.

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Reliable Automatic Transmission Service

Your transmission is your vehicle’s toughest part. Don’t give it the shaft.

The automatic transmission in your vehicle has more moving parts than any other system and it works hard every minute you’re driving.

Over time, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from heat, friction and contamination. Slowly, these parts accumulate gums and varnish deposits as the fluid breaks down and oxidizes. That could mean the end of your transmission.

transmission repair Edmonton

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Transmission Service Edmonton
Save money and keep your car on the road with our Complete Automatic Transmission Service

We’ll connect an exchange machine to your vehicle’s cooler line so our professional strength cleaner can:

  • Circulate through the transmission, valve body, torque converter and cooler to dissolve and suspend gums and varnish deposits

  • Flush all old fluid and suspended debris.
  • Replace transmission filter if required.
  • Install new transmission fluid.
  • Fortify new fluid with oxidation inhibitors, seal conditioners and friction modifiers.

We recommend this type of tune-up every two years or 50,000 km.

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We provide unparalleled service that surpasses that of other shops. Edmonton residents can rely on us for any and all their automotive needs.

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Edmonton vehicle owners enjoy more than three decades of top notch service experience, thanks to our team of professionals. Book an appointment today to experience our service.

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