Vehicle Inspection Edmonton

Vehicle Inspection Edmonton

Welcome to Computerized Autopro, the most trusted used car inspection service in Edmonton. Our pre-purchase inspections has accommodated thousands of vehicle shoppers across Edmonton. Our auditors are the foremost experienced & trustworthy in the business. We help you dodge typical pitfalls, present you with a comprehensive report, and lead you through the inspection results so you can buy a vehicle with confidence.

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A Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Center in Edmonton

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a daunting task. if you’re not a professional, an good looking car can cover some serious concerns that will end up paying you more and risking your family’s safety.

That’s where you may need our assistance. With our pre-purchase inspections service edmonton buyers can get a more reliable idea of the vehicle’s past. Along with auto care services that will keep your vehicle on the road, at Computerized AutoPro, we can also help you make the right vehicle decisions and guide you through the forms you need to get behind the wheel. When it comes to any type of vehicle inspection, Edmonton drivers trust us to provide peace of mind through expert guidance and outstanding workmanship.

Approved Vehicle Inspection will include


vehicle Insurance

Our experience with insurance forms means you’ll sail through those insurance company offices.

Out-of-province inspection

If you found a deal across the border, bring your new vehicle back to us for a used car inspection. Edmonton drivers trust us to quickly identify any repairs their vehicles might need to get plates, through our out-of-province inspection. Plus, we suggest future maintenance tips so you keep that new vehicle on the road for years to come.


Pre-purchase inspection

You rely on your car, and you’ve worked hard to afford the one you want. Ensure you’re making the right choice with a complete inspection by a Computerized Auto Pro technician.


Preventative maintenance

Peace of mind is priceless. Bring your vehicle in for a preventative maintenance inspection so we can help you make service decisions to save money and keep your vehicle on the road.

Warranty Inspections.

Just prior to your basic 3 year, 60K warranty expiration, a comprehensive inspection could save you thousands of dollars. The same can be said for the powertrain warranty expiration at 5 years or 100K on most makes and models. Bring your vehicle to us and save!


Comprehensive vehicle inspections

With our 200+ point auto inspection, Edmonton drivers can expect an in-depth look at how their vehicles’ parts and systems are holding up on the road, as part of maintenance, and under the vehicle. Our highly skilled technicians take the time to explain our concerns to you and help you make the right choices about repairs you’ll want to make now and the ones that can wait.

Why choose Us

We provide unparalleled service that surpasses that of other shops. Edmonton residents can rely on us for any and all their automotive needs.

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Edmonton vehicle owners enjoy more than three decades of top notch service experience, thanks to our team of professionals. Book an appointment today to experience our service.

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