Will your dealership tell you about extra warranty work that should be done on your new car?

We will.

At Computerized AutoPro, we care about your new car. Not only are we your lifelong automotive repair shop, we’re also your one-stop-shop.

If you have a new car under warranty, Computerized AutoPro will:

Perform your regular maintenance services such as oil changes and engine flushes. Computerized AutoPro is licensed and authorized to perform regular scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

Tell you about warranty repairs you should have had done and can now do while your vehicle is in our shop for other services. There is nothing more frustrating than returning from dealership warranty work, to getting in your vehicle the next day to discover that something else needs mechanical attention. We’ll all sleep better knowing that all your warranty repairs are completed.

new vehicle warranty

Look after your warranty work for you. We’ll perform an inspection to ensure the dealership has done all the necessary work before your warranty expires. We’ll even verify that the warranty work was performed to our standards…and your satisfaction.

Plus, we’ll keep records of the maintenance services done at Computerized AutoPro and your dealership’s repair work so there’s one complete set of records you can rely on.

Seeking a professional auto service in edmonton?

Look no further than Computerized AutoPro, a leading auto repair services shop in Edmonton.

Contact us to book your appointment today.

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