With winter on the way, now is the time to ensure your car is in tip-top shape. Your car should be able to handle snowy conditions, icy roads, freezing temperatures and even salted streets. The only way to ensure this is to have maintenance performed on the most important components of your vehicle. These components include: the tires, the defroster and climate control system, the battery and the coolant. Taking care of these four areas will help keep your car running well this winter.

Get Tire Maintenance

In Canada, winter tires aren’t an option; they’re a necessity. They perform the best on snowy and icy roads, as well as in low temperatures. Improved traction can enhance acceleration, braking and the ability to make turns. If you’re looking for a trusted tire provider and mechanic’s shop, Edmonton drivers trust Computerized AutoPro for all their winter tire needs. It’s also important to have your tire pressure checked regularly. Tire pressure often drops as the air temperature drops, and low pressure can cause tire treads to separate and wear quickly. Worn tire treads can make your vehicle’s handling unpredictable and possibly lead to an accident. Ask your mechanic to check the pressure in your tires before the winter starts. Check the pressure regularly throughout the winter and fill your tires with air, as needed.

Check the Defroster and Climate Control System

During the winter, the defroster and its climate control system remove frost and fog from your windows. This makes both these components tantamount to your vehicle’s winter performance. Before the winter starts, have your defroster and the climate control system checked for proper operation. If these components are working properly, they’ll help improve visibility on the snowiest days and keep your car warm on the coldest. This will improve the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

Test the Battery

Cold weather can wreak havoc on car batteries. Before the winter starts, ask your mechanic to perform a volt test to check the power of your battery. This will prevent it from dying in the middle of winter. However, if the battery is weak, have it replaced immediately.

Top Off the Coolant

It’s essential to maintain your vehicle’s coolant levels, especially when it’s cold outside. During the winter, coolant or antifreeze poured into the radiators prevents your engine from freezing. However, remember to only use a half coolant/half water mix. Your vehicle’s coolant level should also be checked as part of routine fall maintenance. During this maintenance check, ask your mechanic to also check for coolant leaks. For a general winter maintenance check and to ensure your vehicle has optimal coolant levels without any leaks, give us a call and schedule an appointment at Computerized AutoPro.

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